Side Business Idea—5 Easy Ways To Make Money On Amazon During Prime Day 2022

Prime Day is coming up, and you don’t want to miss out on the deals. But what if you could make money while you shop?

The Amazon summer sales event is the big sale of the year. It’s called Prime Day and it comes once a year, usually at the start or middle of July. There are thousands of products that are ridiculously discounted, with many being sold at a loss by Amazon itself. That means there’s a lot of money to be made for everyone involved. So what side businesses can you start to earn money during Prime Day 2022? Here are my top five ideas for a side/second business on Amazon in 2022:

Amazon Merch on Demand 

Have you ever wanted to make money selling your designs? Amazon Merch on Demand is a great way to get your T-shirts and other products in front of millions of Amazon shoppers. Here is how you can do it. Once you’re done setting up the basics of your account, Amazon will send you an email with further instructions on how to proceed with adding products for sale on the platform (approval is not guaranteed). 

In addition to this being a great business model, Amazon Merch has over 450 million Prime members who are looking for cool new things from brands they love! Simply upload your artwork, choose a product type and color, and add a product description.

Amazon Subscription Boxes 

Amazon subscription boxes enable qualified sellers to list, sell, and manage their subscription box products on Amazon.com. Seller Central helps you optimize your product listings for the best results in terms of sales and customer experience. This tool also helps you optimize your product listings for the best results in terms of sales and customer experience.

How does it work?

You can use this tool to create a new subscription box product listing for an existing subscription box or launch a completely new one based on our instructions that are provided once you register as a seller with this feature. To get started with Amazon Subscription Boxes:

Sell Amazon Renewed

On Amazon Renewed, you can sell high-quality like-new products (refurbished and pre-owned) to millions of Amazon customers worldwide. Selling your items on Amazon Renewed is easy and convenient—you simply log in with your existing Amazon account, enter the details of your item, and print a free shipping label that arrives at your door. When a buyer orders an item from you, we will notify you by text message or email so that you can ship it right away. 

Amazon is the most trusted marketplace for refurbished and pre-owned mobile products like tablets, gaming consoles, smartwatches, and more. With huge savings on products at up to 50 percent off their original price, there’s no better place to sell high-quality gadgets in great condition and make some cash back.

Sell Customizable Products

When you’re selling customizable products, a lot of the work is done for you.

With Amazon Custom, customers can customize, personalize, and configure the perfect product in just a few clicks. It’s easy to do as well—customers simply select the product they want to create, then choose from a ton of options like size and color.

This is great news if you’ve got a product that could be customized by customers! If your item is suitable for customization through Amazon Custom (more on this later), it’s likely that this business model will make money during Prime Day 2022.

Sell Handcrafted Goods 

If you have a knack for creating beautiful and functional products, like earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc., Amazon Handmade is the platform for you. You can sell your own handmade goods on Amazon USA, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

  • To get started, sign up for an e-commerce account.
  • You may apply to join Amazon Handmade by submitting an application here.

Once approved, you’ll be able to start selling directly to customers who shop on that marketplace.

From selling Renewed products to creating a branded monthly subscription box for your business, there are now more ways than ever to make money on Amazon. All of the ideas above offer an excellent way for new sellers (who have yet to build up their seller rating and feedback score) to get started and begin building their own small businesses. If you are looking for a side business idea, you should consider selling your products on Amazon.

There is a wide range of products that you can sell on Amazon. The best part is that it’s easy to get started! All you need is an entrepreneurial mindset and some creativity to make it happen. The possibilities are endless, so go ahead and choose one that you think will work best for you.

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