How to Make Scroll-Stopping YouTube Thumbnails

5 Free Websites and Tips to Make Your Thumbnails Stand Out

YouTube is a place for content creators to share their videos with the world. It’s also a place for viewers to watch videos, learn new things, and be entertained. The most viewed videos on YouTube are often the ones that have snazzy thumbnails. Thumbnails are the small images that appear when a video is shared on social media.

If you’re like me, you’ve found yourself scrolling through your favorite YouTube channels and wishing there was a way to jump right into their world. You want to know what it’s like to be on the other side of the screen—to feel what it’s like to be admired, to be supported, to be liked. And the more you watch, the more you realize: You could be on the other side. You just need the right tools.

YouTube is a unique platform. It gives you the opportunity to build an audience and a brand, share your message with people who might not otherwise be exposed to it, and connect with like-minded individuals. It also allows you to earn an income from the platform, which is a nice bonus. But one thing that not a lot of people realize is how much of an impact the design of your YouTube channel can have on the success of your channel.

Have you ever looked at a blog or YouTube channel and wondered how they got so many followers? Chances are it’s their beautiful and unique thumbnails that caught your eye. Thumbnails are one of the first things people see when they come to your page and can make or break how many visitors you get. Today we’re going to show you five different websites you can use to make professional-looking thumbnails for your blog or YouTube channel—all for free!

Have you ever wondered how to make the perfect YouTube thumbnails? The ones that make people want to click and watch? Well, we’re here to answer that question. Today, we’ll be showing you 5 different websites that will help you make scroll-stopping thumbnails without having to pay a single cent.

Here are 5 different websites that will help you make scroll-stopping thumbnails without having to pay a single cent.

Here are five different websites that will help you make scroll-stopping thumbnails without having to pay a single cent. 1. Canva: The best place to design your YouTube thumbnails is at Canva. Canva is an online design platform that uses an algorithm to generate the most beautiful designs for your content.

YouTube thumbnails are an important part of your marketing strategy. They’re what grabs the attention of viewers and gets them to click on your video. You want people to be able to see what they’re going to get when they click “play,” so you need a thumbnail that makes it clear exactly what your video is about—and then some.

So, how do you make these eye-catching thumbnails?

These five tips will have you creating the most stunning YouTube thumbnails.

  1. Select a Captivating Template

Templates are a great way to get started with making your own YouTube thumbnail, but don’t feel like you have to stick with them forever! Once you’ve got a template that works for you, try searching for other templates that might give you even more options for customization (like adding text or changing the background image).

  1. Change the Background Image if Needed

Sometimes adding text can make it hard for people to know where their eyes should go first when they look at your thumbnail. That’s why sometimes it’s better not to add any text at all—or at least not as much as usual! If you’re going this route, make sure that your background image is equally eye-catching and compelling so viewers really know what they’re getting.

  1. Create a compelling headline

The third thing you want to do is create a headline that will grab people’s attention and keep them scrolling. That means you’ll want to create something that’s either funny, shocking, or intriguing enough that people will be compelled to click on it. Try using puns, jokes, or memes in your headlines.

  1. Add animations to the text & image

After you’ve got your headline down, try adding animations to the text and image in your thumbnail. Adding these additional elements will give your viewers more information about what they’re clicking on—and make sure they’re interested enough in what they see that they’ll want to learn more about it by watching! The key here is keeping things minimalistic so as not to overwhelm users with too much information at once; but if you can strike a balance between simplicity and eye-catching vibrancy, you’ll have an amazing thumbnail on your hands!

  1. Finally, download it & use & use it on your YouTube video

Once you’ve got the thumbnail you want simply save it to your computer and use it. You can upload it to your YouTube channel. You can also use it on your blog. You can even use it in your other social media accounts with a few simple tweaks.

So there you have it. If you’re looking to kick-start your very own YouTube channel and make a name for yourself, this is the place for you. The tools and tips are here and the world is ready to be your audience.

You don’t need to be an expert designer to make proper thumbnails. And you don’t need expensive software. These five tips and five free online programs are easy to use and will have your social media channels turning heads in no time.

The internet is an incredible place to connect, but it’s not exactly simple. That’s why we’ve created this guide; to make it easier for you to get what you want when you log on. In the end, that’s what the internet should be about: helping you accomplish your dreams, not just entertaining them.

Remember, whether you’re looking for viral video stardom or just a place to share some family films, your fans are waiting. Now it’s time to pick up the camera and show them what you’ve got.

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