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Best Instagram Post Templates You Can Use Right Now to Promote Your Products

As the world’s largest photo-sharing platform, Instagram is an integral part of any brand’s social media strategy. In fact, according to a recent report by Statista, Instagram accounts for 18% of all social media visits in 2019—and that number is only going up. But while many brands have already mastered the art of creating beautiful content on this platform, fewer are aware of the ways they can use pre-built templates to streamline their posting process while still keeping it engaging and interesting.

That’s where these templates come in handy! Each one is designed to help you easily post relevant content on your business’s Instagram page week after week without ever having to lift a finger (or even think about it). So whether you’re looking for inspiration for new ideas or just want something easier than copy-pasting every single day from scratch—these templates will make your life so much easier!

Instagram Post Template for Product Photos

If you’re going to be posting product photos on Instagram, you may as well have a template that makes this process easier and more consistent. After all, one of the most important goals when it comes to marketing your products is making them look as appealing and professional as possible.

Instagram templates are also useful because they can help you make sure your audience sees what they came here to see: the actual product in question—not just an image of it!

Finally, if there’s one thing that all marketers know by now (and that brands should be aware of), it’s how important social media is for building your brand’s reputation and identity online.

You may go ahead and edit the templates below to your liking, or you can choose your own here.

Instagram Post Template for Before-and-After Photos

How it works:

  • Take pictures of before-and-after results with the product you’re promoting.
  • Upload both photos to Instagram as a single post (or as part of a collection).
  • Add text that explains what your product did for the user and links back to your website where they can buy it!

Instagram Post Template for Reminders to Leave Reviews

If you’re looking for an Instagram post template that will get your customers talking about your products, look no further. This post template is optimized to elicit positive emotions from your customers and encourage them to leave reviews.

The first thing you should do is ensure that your product has at least 2-3 customer reviews so that potential buyers have enough data points to refer to when making their decision. If there aren’t any yet, this can be accomplished by reaching out directly through social media using the link they provided in their order confirmation email or by asking them directly if they would be willing to take a few minutes of their time and write a review for your brand.

Once you have at least 2-3 reviews on hand, it’s important that you make sure each of these posts is unique in style so that people know exactly who wrote them (i.e., don’t use the same exact language). You can also use this opportunity to convert more sales: if someone takes time out of their day because they really like what they’ve read so far, maybe they’ll buy something else too!

You may go ahead and edit the templates below to your liking, or you can choose your own here.

Instagram Post Template for Discount Announcements

A discount announcement post is perfect for announcing a sale, a special offer, or even just a coupon code. This type of Instagram post template can be used to announce:

  • A discount code or link to an offer
  • An upcoming sale with an end date and time
  • An ongoing sale with no end date and time

You may go ahead and edit the templates below to your liking, or you can choose your own here.

Instagram Post Template for Customer Spotlights

Instagram is an ideal place to highlight your customers. Use this template to do just that!

  • Tell them why you love their style and what they do with your product.
  • Ask them to share their experience with the product or service and tag you in the post so that other people can find out about it too (user-generated content).
  • Ask them to use a specific hashtag (like #hatsarecool or #hairbowsrock) so that other people who follow that hashtag will see their post on Instagram.
  • Ask them to answer a question related to the product or service you offer; this way, there’s a chance they won’t just like your content but will also comment on it! This can lead to more conversations between you and others who want more information about what makes hats or hair bows rock so hard!

You may go ahead and edit the templates below to your liking, or you can choose your own here.

Instagram Post Template for Sharing Customer Posts

  • Share customer posts that are relevant to your brand.
  • Showcase customer photos and videos.
  • Showcase customer reviews.

Showcase customer feedback, quotes, testimonials, and other forms of content that show how others feel about the products or services you offer.

You can either select your own template here or go ahead and alter the ones below to your taste.

Instagram Post Template for Upcoming Sales Announcements

If you’re in the business of selling products, you know how important it is to make announcements about upcoming sales. This can mean anything from a week-long sale to a limited-time offer (LTO).

When posting an announcement of any kind, there are some things that should be included in every post. These include:

  • The date range for the sale (if applicable)
  • a small description of what’s included in the offer and why people should care about it. For example, maybe this is your best product ever or something that never goes on sale!
  • a link to where customers can learn more and purchase said item/s. This should be easily accessible—either at the top or bottom of your post—and placed next to either “Shop Now” (or similar), “Buy Now,” “Purchase,” etc., depending on what type of product it is (e.g., clothing vs. electronics).

You can go ahead and customize the templates below, or you can select your own here.

Instagram Post Template for Giveaways and Contests

The [giveaway or contest] is a great way to generate excitement around your brand, and it can be used to promote a product or service, build brand loyalty, and increase your followers. But if you’re going to run an Instagram giveaway or contest on the platform, there are certain rules that need to be followed if you want it done correctly.

  • Giveaways and contests must comply with Facebook’s ad policies.
  • You must include a direct link to the giveaway in each post.
  • The promotion must start at midnight Pacific time on Tuesday.

Alternatively, you can select your own template here, or edit the ones listed below to your taste.

Instagram Post Template for FAQs and Useful Information

If you have a lot of information to share, use this template to make a series of posts about your products. Try using different variations for each post, such as product categories, price points, and colors available.

You can also use this template to answer questions asked by your followers with one photo and a text description. This way, you can control the message and save time answering questions individually.

You can either select your own template here or go ahead and alter the ones below to your liking.

Instagram Post Template for Popular Products on the Market

  • Use a photo of a popular product.
  • Use a photo of the product you are promoting in your post, if possible.
  • Take some time to research what other products are popular on Instagram, and then use that information to create content that your target audience will want to see!

You can select your own template at this link or edit the ones listed below to your desire.

Instagram Post Template to Showcase New Products on the Market

If you’re trying to promote a new product, post template number one is perfect for showing off your newest offerings.

This template can be used to promote:

  • New products are on the market.
  • New product lines in your store
  • New categories of products you sell in your store
  • Features of a particular product

For example, if you’re selling shoes, this Instagram post template could show off a brand-new style or color—or both! If it’s winter clothing and accessories that are currently trending, showing the latest styles would be perfect for getting people excited about buying them in time for colder weather (and warmer days).

At this link, you can choose your own template or customize the ones below.

You can Create Engaging Posts that Tout Your Brand, Build Trust, and Bring in Sales.

We’re going to introduce you to the best Instagram post templates that you can use to get more engagement with your followers.

We know how important it is for brands like yours to create engaging posts that tout your brand, build trust, and bring in sales. We also know how difficult it can be for small business owners who are starting out on social media as they learn how to make their time-strapped days run smoothly. That’s why we went ahead and did all the hard work for you by creating these awesome templates so you can follow a simple process when posting on Instagram!


These templates are a great starting point for your Instagram posts. With their help, you can plan out what you want to say in advance and make sure that it’s cohesive and visually appealing. The templates also include tips on where to find images or information for your posts so that you don’t have to worry about writing everything yourself—just follow the instructions and fill in the blanks!

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