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What to Do When Business Is Slow? (Growth Hacks for Small Business)

If you’re a small business owner, you know it can be tough to keep your head above water when business is slow. The truth is that no matter how good your product or service is, there will always be periods of time when things are slower than usual. So what do you do when business is slow? Well, there are a number of ways to bring in new customers—and hopefully, keep them around for the long haul!

Start a Referral Program

A great way to get more customers is to offer a referral program. A referral program rewards existing clients for bringing in new business (either customers or contractors). Referral programs are great for:

  • expanding your customer base by getting the word out about your business.
  • Building a community around your brand and generating positive word-of-mouth recommendations from trusted sources—that’s what we call “earned” media!

-Increasing sales and revenue by incentivizing your customers to promote you, which can lead to higher conversion rates and more sales. -Reducing customer acquisition costs by using existing customers as a marketing channel (this is especially important for small businesses with limited budgets).

Get Social

One of the best ways to market your business is through social media. This can be a great way to promote your brand and products, engage with customers, and build a community around your business.

Social media can be free or low-cost. Many people have Facebook and Twitter accounts that they don’t use much anymore, so they’re willing to let you borrow their accounts in exchange for something small like a gift card or $5-10 worth of product from your store. If you don’t want to deal with giving away free stuff in exchange for access to someone’s social media platforms, there are plenty of sites that offer affordable paid plans for small businesses (like Buffer).

Pay Attention to Trends

Trends are important because they tell you what’s popular right now. If you’re selling a product or service that people really want, they’ll buy it from the store that has the best price and quality. If you see a trend taking off on social media and think it could work for your business, try to jump on board with an offer before someone else beats you to it.

  • It’s easy to see what’s trending on social media and in the news, so use this information to your advantage. If you’re thinking about expanding your company and need some new ideas, look at what other small businesses are doing across the country and try something similar in your area. A good way of doing this is by reaching out to local influencers who have an audience that would be interested in your products or services and asking their advice on how they think you should grow your business!
  • Another way of looking at trends is by monitoring what people are talking about online; consider joining forums related specifically to topics relevant to those interested in buying from businesses like yours (e-commerce forums are great examples).
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Work on Your Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is how you get your message to customers. It’s what your company says about itself and its products, services, and ideas.

A good marketing strategy should be clear, consistent, measurable, and flexible—the four pillars of any successful business.

It should also be tested and improved as you go along—it doesn’t have to be set in stone forever!

Without a good marketing strategy, you’re just guessing what to say and how to say it. You could be sending the wrong message or not reaching the right audience. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the different ways you can market your business. But if you know what your customers want and need, and you know how to give it to them, then your marketing will be far more effective.

Consider Email Marketing 

Make sure your emails are clear and compelling. The first step to making sure that you are getting through to your audience is making sure that you have a clear, compelling subject line that grabs their attention. Make it easy for them to unsubscribe if they don’t want your emails anymore.

Don’t send too many emails or use all caps or make the email too long or short. If people can’t read it in one sitting, then they will just delete it, which will hurt your business’s bottom line more than anything else.

The best way to make sure that you are sending out emails that people want is to take a step back and think about what they will want. What is your audience interested in? What issues do they have that you can help them with?

Try Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a great way to get your business in front of new clients. It can be time-consuming, but it’s worth it when you start seeing results.

Think about the last time you bought something online. Did you see an ad for that product or service before? If so, did it make you want to buy the product or service? Chances are good that if the ad was effective (meaning it made people want to buy), then paid ads can help your business too!

Here are some tips for making sure your ads are effective:

  • Be specific about what kind of results you want from your ads. This means having a clear goal such as “Make more money” or “Get more clients within two months” before starting any campaign. * Don’t worry too much about how many people see each individual ad—instead focus on getting lots of clicks and conversions. * Once the campaign is done, analyze which parts worked (or didn’t) and adjust accordingly in future campaigns. * Try out different types of landing pages until one works best for converting visitors into leads, customers, etc. * Keep testing!

New Product Proposed and Reviewed

  • If you’re willing to take a risk, it’s time for new products. You’ve got some ideas, and you’re ready to see what sticks. The first step is identifying a potential market for your product, which is where your research comes in handy.
  • Once you have your target audience and product idea, put together a rough draft of the product that lists its features and benefits. Then test it out on potential customers by showing them mockups or prototypes of what the product could look like. If they seem interested in buying it (and they don’t laugh at you), then move forward with making an actual prototype or offering it as a limited edition item while still collecting feedback from users.
  • Next, try getting expert advice from someone who has experience creating this kind of thing before—like an engineer or designer—to make sure the final version will actually work well enough before putting all those resources into creating one thousand units!
  • Finally: profitability! Check out this guide on how to calculate business profitability so that you know whether selling something is going to make money or not!

There are many things you can do to bring in new customers when business is slow.

When business is slow, there are many things you can do to bring in new customers. Here are some ideas:

  • Use your existing customers to bring in new ones.
  • Get social media involved.
  • Pay attention to trends and news so you can capitalize on them.
  • Work on your marketing strategy, including making sure your emails are clear and compelling, as well as that they include a call-to-action (CTA).
  • Try paid advertising—social media ads may be especially effective at this time because of their low cost per click compared with other types of online ads like search engine optimization (SEO) listings or display ads that appear alongside articles on popular websites like Google News or Yahoo! Finance etcetera…


Every business has moments when sales are slow. But if you’re proactive about it and keep trying new things, you’ll eventually find what works for your business. If none of these ideas work for you or your business, then there may be another solution that we haven’t mentioned here today. We hope this article helps you make some progress towards fixing whatever problem you might have with low sales!

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